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March 13, 2018

The Mike Leonard show live on 03-13-2018

Do you have Arrogant neighbors?" Are they so arrogant that it's not worth the trouble?"

  • Arrogant people seem to think that they know everything. If you let them, they can really get on your nerves or let you down and keep you there. Rather than getting upset, sad or depressed, it's better to find an approach that works well with you to coping with the arrogance and comments of the people who obviously are so full of themselves and make sure it effectively works with your personality.

Enter an encounter with an arrogant person with the strong and confident realization that you are well and strong. When you feel sound within your own self, there is nothing an arrogant person can say or do to undermine you. Your sense of confidence and self-worth will prohibit you from being vulnerable to an arrogant person. The arrogant person may be unable to relate to you and might even say noxious or cruel things but you can let it slide when you feel secure in yourself. 

Use the encounter as an opportunity to improve your own listening skills or tolerance. Perhaps your weakness is impatience, frustration, or annoyance. Perhaps you feel intimidated. Try to flip your usual negative approaches upside down and treat this as a learning opportunity in which you seek to listen without judging. Aim to tolerate the person, seeking to understand what motivates him or her, and how you might feel in the same position. Of course, there is no place for excusing bad behavior but at least you can listen with an open mind––you might just surprise the arrogant person.

Consider the ways in which you interact with other people. Do you assert yourself, or are you a people-pleaser; a grouch; or a timid mouse? Arrogant people look for those who won't assert because they like to push people around or press their buttons. If you have difficulties in this area, you may wish to improve your assertiveness as well as learning how else to respond to arrogant types.

Spotting and understanding the arrogant soul

  • Listen to their conversation. Is it always about them? Do they get mad or irritated if the center of attention moves to someone else? Boasting, dismissing others, and behaving as if they know everything is a sure sign of an arrogant type. Interrupting conversations or breaking off abruptly are other signs of arrogance when talking.

  • Look for the person constantly saying that they are better than you and other people. It may be subtle or overt but you'll certainly know of it.

  • Consider how dismissive the person is towards you and your ideas or thoughts. Dismissive attitudes signal a belief in being better than others.

  • Does this person put down the things you care about, especially in public?

  • Does this person sound and/or act plain bossy? Listen for a tone of voice that indicates bossiness and a dismissive attitude.

  • Does this person even notice when you are bored with the conversation? Arrogant people never notice this!



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